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While time flies this November, we are moving forward at the same pace! As you’ve already noticed, we’ll send our weekly newsletter every Wednesday starting last week.

We’re receiving questions about the use of our loan portal, thus we’ve prepared a short video on how to get a crypto-backed loan in just a few minutes and an article with the most frequently asked questions. Check it if you haven‘t seen it yet!

This week we have some unusual plans – some of our team members will participate in the FinTech Inn Conference on the 8th of November, which is organized by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania and the Bank of Lithuania in cooperation with Invest Lithuania and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology. It will be a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges for the FinTech Industry and its benefits for society. We’re proud that one of our HODL Finance team members, Vytautas Senavicius, is going to give a speech on a regulatory topic in a panel discussion there.

We’ve also invited Juan LIanos to this event, who is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and has over a decade’s experience of building and managing AML/CFT and regulatory compliance programs for multiple international jurisdictions, including Canada, Italy, the United States, and Spain, and is recognized as a pioneer in the development of compliance and best practices for risk management in the money transfer industry. He is a member of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee, and writes about risk and virtual currencies. In the upcoming Conference, J. LIanos will give a speech on the interesting topic of Challenges & Opportunities for Global Adoption of the Blockchain.

From the news in the cryptoworld – last week was big for the world’s most loved cryptocurrency as Bitcoin turned ten years old on the 31st of October. It’s amazing to look back at how far Bitcoin has come in the past decade. Growing from a simple, unknown concept, it’s clear that it has already made a significant mark on the world – anyone can use this example of growth as an inspiration.


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HODL Finance is the European digital lending company. HODL Finance issues loans backed by cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Founded by the shareholders of the peer-to-peer lending platform, Savy, HODL Finance now serves clients around the world.

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