Holiday destinations in 2019: the most crypto-friendly countries

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies will only continue to rise as their usage across the globe increases. Naturally, each country has its own unique set of laws that in some way manage the usage of these currencies, and some of them have recognized the potential and adopted new technologies early – making them extremely crypto-friendly. We have created a list of the top countries that will allow you to use crypto every day, without having to worry.

1. Zug, Switzerland – Whenever you think of this country, the first things that usually come to mind are chocolate, mountains, yodeling, and lots and lots of money. Well, because of that money, Switzerland has become one of the earliest adopters of crypto-currencies, and many companies have headquarters there – which truly puts them on the map, not only for the impossible natural beauty but also for a regulated crypto-currencies market.

For example, in this town you can even pay for wine with your Bitcoin – the House of Wines in Zug accepts this form of payment, and you can even find a dentist that can be paid with cryptocurrencies; you simply cannot expect to miss out on the opportunity to dabble with some virtual money while enjoying the beautiful vistas.

2. Prague, Czech Republic – Not only do they have some great beer, but they are also one of the biggest venues in Europe that accepts cryptocurrencies (and in the world). You can easily rent an apartment here, pay for your food in many restaurants, and purchase many other services. Prague is one of the leaders of the crypto revolution in Europe, and not to mention, one of the oldest, and most vibrant cities.

This city is set on both banks of the Vltava river and is full of picturesque palaces and cute houses that will take your breath away. Food is not lacking either, as their dishes from the simple potato soup to a more traditional roast pork with sauerkraut (cabbage that has been fermented with a distinctive sour flavor) will certainly leave you wanting more.

3. Japan – If Europe is not your thing, how about the land of the rising sun? They have one of the largest cryptocurrency communities in the world, and not to mention how wonderful their land and culture are!

Crypto is accepted on a small level, and according to Coinmap, Tokyo has over 80 crypto friendly places – world-famous conveyor-belt sushi bar Numazuko accepts these kinds of payments, and even one of the largest consumer electronics stores in Japan – Yamada Denki accepts bitcoin payments with a nationwide plan to accept it everywhere. The important thing is that Bitcoin is perfectly legal and can be used for everyday payments, from paying in the shop to a taxi fare.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia – While it is natural that Slovenia doesn’t come to mind when thinking of crypto technologies, the capital city, Ljubljana hosted this year’s first ever “Bitcoin City” which allowed each and every one of its 500 stores to accept cryptocurrencies. While this was a limited event, this opened the whole market of Slovenia and pushed crypto into general use.

The city itself is beautiful, and you can spend a lot of time just enjoying your crypto-bought cup of coffee. It is a hidden gem of Europe, but the acceptance rate of cryptocurrencies also makes it quite technologically advanced as well.

5. Vilnius, Lithuania – the capital city is a digital frontrunner and a major hub for fintech, is another place to spend your holidays! This forward-looking city, host such global players as Uber and  Google and locally developed startups conquering the world such as Trafi & Vinted. British unicorn and self-proclaimed bank killer Revolut acquired its first banking license nowhere else in the world but here.

The city charms tourists with the historic Old Town, UNESCO heritage site, and bustling cafe culture. While Lithuania’s financial technology sector has made great advancements in over the last several years, you can find places accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in restaurants, clothing and food stores, bars, fitness centers and even dental clinics.

Choose the destination and enjoy your holiday!


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