With the help of Transferwise, good news has come

I hope the beginning of your year has been as busy as ours here at HODL Finance.

We’re happy to announce that you’ve been heard again!

Starting this week we are issuing loans backed by your cryptocurrency in 46 new currencies!

From now on HODL Finance will be issuing loans in British Pounds, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Russian Rubles, Ukranian Hryvnas, Turkish Liras, Australian and Canadian Dollars, Brazilian Reals and many many more.

Together with the already available currencies – U.S. Dollars and Euros, that makes 48 popular currencies in total!

This became possible after we reached an agreement with our trusted partner, Transferwise – the company named Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2015.

Looking retrospectively, we saw a surprising amount of interest in our text about the most crypto-friendly countries, so we decided to explore the topic even further. I hope you’ll like our new story about the Top Cities in the World to Pay with Bitcoin.

Don’t skip the most important crypto-news this week in our weekly briefing below.

Thank You for trusting us. Stay tuned!


Managing Director @ HODL Finance

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