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We‘re glad to share that our newsletter will be more full from now on, as we will send it every second week. Starting from this Wednesday, we‘ll add the most important crypto news in order to keep you up to date with the volatile crypto-world! Check the news about dynamic Bitcoin prices and much more this week.

The newsletter will also cover two articles from our team from now on. If you haven’t done it yet, read our article about the upcoming megatrend in the crypto world – Security Token Offerings or STOs, which are a more tangible method of funding blockchain businesses than ICOs today. Get to know which legal jurisdictions are the best for a Security Token Offering, as well as which two legal jurisdictions could be considered the worst.  As always, we strongly advise you to double-check everything before taking any action.

The newest commentary is also related with the legal regulations in the crypto market. Over-regulation is a burden, it discourages innovation and slows the growth of businesses, but some rules are inevitable. We in HODL Finance strongly believe that smart regulation is necessary. While cryptocoins are the only type of currency that are not backed up by any government or central bank, this makes them both convenient and exciting, simultaneously effortless to use and actually challenging to trade. Have a look at our newest article and get to know why cryptocurrencies should be regulated, and how it can help to build more trust in the industry.

By the way, you’ve probably noticed our #throwback post in  our social media, so we’ll try to keep sharing more of our articles previously posted on mass media –  as we’re proud to be involved in a wide crypto-media world!

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  • There were many fluctuations in the crypto market this week – The price of Bitcoin plummeted significantly. Some sources say it was the worst week for cryptocurrencies so far this year. There has been speculation about what caused itand about how Bitcoin may be valued in future.
  • The mining industry took a hit, with many miners ending their operations. According to the founder of F2pool, over 600,000 miners shut down business in the past fortnight.
  • Are cryptocurrencies becoming even more mainstream? Businesses in Ohio, U.S.A, will be able to pay taxes in Bitcoin facilitated by Bitpay. France will allow tobacco shops to sell Bitcoin starting in 2019. However, the chief economic advisor for Allianz said this week that he believes crypto will become more widespread, but not dominant.
  • There is concern that hackers are exploiting KYC procedures. Using cold wallets, like we do here at HODL Finance, protects your assets against this.


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