HODL Finance is continually extending the network of partners around the Globe – from exchanges to blockchain creators.

HODL Finance will be extending the number of crypto asset alternatives accepted as collateral and will also welcome certified partner tokens as another seamless means to get a loan backed by a number of digital assets.

Partnerships provide greater liquidity to partner token holders because they will be able to retain token-assets while enjoying fast, secure and untaxed cash loans from HODL Finance.

Interested in partnering up with HODL Finance? Let’s talk: partners [eta ] hodlfinance.io


We are proud to present

Our partners

Reddcoin has integrated social media with digital currency to create a social coin, allowing people to tip one another on social media. Its tipping system is enabled on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and Justin.TV.

DICE is a social platform for fundraising via targeted crypto mining, designed to help facilitate mass adoption as a viable alternative to traditional money.

Edgeless is an online decentralized casino based completely on the blockchain aiming to provide risk-free gambling to its users.

Monetha is a financial services company that decentralizes Trust and Reputation System on the Ethereum blockchain.

Enkronos Apps is a data driven multi-application platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions.

Emercoin is an emerging leader in secure, distributed blockchain business services. Emercoin is introducing a new kind of blockchain that offers a wide range of services and solutions across all industries.