The Year of HODL Finance

Hello everyone,

2018 has been truly remarkable for HODL Finance. Everything we’ve achieved we achieved together with You. Thank you for trusting us.

Some of the highlights that You made possible previous year includes launching Mobile version of our product, making partnerships with Monetha, Reddcoin, Edgeless, Enkronos, Dice Money, Emercoin and much more. We‘re also proud of joining the EU Blockchain Observatoy & Forum, and participating in the top events in crypto community from Consensus conferences in New York and Singapore, to London Fintech week.

We‘ve started New Year with a bang – by introducing loans backed by Ripple, one of the most valued cryptocurrencies in the world! Let‘s keep the active pace for the rest of the year and see what it will bring and together!

Have a look to our newest articles, if you haven‘t done it yet, and get to know, which central bank will be the first to keep bitcoin in its reserves, what is Lightning Network and what is the fate of Bitcoin in the nearest future. We‘ve also prepared some tips for the next holiday destination, check it now!

While I’m travelling on business over South East Asia, our European team is working hard. Best wishes,


Managing Director @ HODLFinance

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